marketing consulting

Technology agnostic with a focus on intellectual innovation

Our team of artisan consultants merge the art and science of market research to bear against your business issues. Our suite of solutions, frameworks and advanced analytics are melded together to uniquely address your business requirements, time frame, and investment parameters.

Market sizing, predictive modeling, driver analysis

Advanced Analytics

One-off and on-going systems to test and enhance new products/services

Product / Service Innovation

Ascertain success of new product launches or product line extensions including take rate, pricing, packaging, product sourcing and cannibalization

Concept Testing

A comprehensive set of tools to enable the management of individual brands and their impacts on the master brand

Brand Health & Management

Understand how your customer makes decisions on purchase of your products/services and how they use these products/services

Customer Journey

Hypotheses-driven, strategic targeting of segments to identify new opportunities, white space, trends, new brand positioning, product development, long-range planning


Message testing using one of Phoenix MI's many customizable analytical approaches

Message Testing

Understand the direction of your market, what is happening now, why it is happening, where it is going, and how it will impact your business

Channel A&U Management

Understand what is driving customer satisfaction in your markets, how you are performing and how to positively impact that satisfaction

Customer Experience

Forecast attendance for new or renovated theme parks, observation decks, science centers expositions and other entertainment venues

Attendance Forecasting

Understand the optimal price for your services and how it will impact sales

Pricing Strategy Research

Understand the combined impact of the 4Ps; (product, pricing, placement, promotion changes) in driving velocity to purchase

Customer Buy Flow Optimization

Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.