advertising Case Study

Integrating Measurement Solutions to Maximize Advertising Investment

The Situation

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The Challenge

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Approach + Solution

Using our always-on Phoenix Brand Effect Syndicated platform, combined with our market-leading industry-specific AdPi creative solution, Phoenix was able to jump in and solve this business challenge.

We used Brand Effect to measure the breakthrough, branding, and message communication of the campaign in the real world, while AdPi was used to gather and provide feedback on the underlying creative content and performance.

Combining these two solutions supported on-the-fly changes to messaging and creative to boost the campaign’s effectiveness from both a call to action and brand health perspective.


Phoenix's advertising consultants worked with both groups to optimize the immediate campaign and develop recommendations for creative development modifications to drive sales and the entity's brand promise.

Additionally, the Phoenix Brand Effect Solution allowed the client to refine their media and program placement strategies to maximize their advertising investment.

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Final Word

The pre-market creative evaluation from AdPi combined with the in-market ad performance measurement from Brand Effect delivered action-oriented insights to the client. It provided a unique and comprehensive solution to the client to meet their immediate and ongoing business needs rapidly.
Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.